Health and Safety Award - 2017 Shortlist!

Companies with 250 or more employees

Aggregate Industries - At Home with a Vacuum Dust Reduction Program

Existing vacuum systems for the removal of dust were cumbersome and difficult to maintain, which discouraged effective cleaning. Improvements to the vacuum system, its operation and accessibility to otherwise unreached areas have meant that cleaning operations are easier and more effective, reducing exposure to harmful dust.

Brett Landscaping and Building Products - Improvements to Shot Blast Pallet Transfer Conveyor

Creating a combined scrap handling system and improvements to the pallet transfer conveyor have drastically reduced gate access frequencies and exposures in both scrap and pallet areas for Fork lifts and personnel alike. In addition, reduced manual handling and improved posture during work, with reductions in twisting and reaching, have also been recorded.

Forterra Building Products - Improvements to Mixer and Weigh Bin Wash System

A new mixer and weigh bin wash system, operating with lower water use than previously practical, has reduced accesses to the mixer and weigh bins. Configurable sprays to ensure complete cleaning of areas normally difficult to access without personnel exposure or confined working conditions have also been adopted.

Forterra Building Products - Slurry Tank Improvement Project

Rethinking the design, siting and orientation of the slurry handling tank, including radar and ultrasonic level monitoring and observation, together with redesigning the agitator operation and access has enabled reduced access and improved maintenance operations. This has reduced exposure risks and to date has eliminated jamming of the system thereby improving productivity.

Companies with fewer than 250 employees

Beresford Flooring - Brilliant Ideas - 'The Hole System' for Marking, Drilling, Plugging and Sealing

With a new lightweight system named ‘The Hole System’, a number of operations to the underside of Hollowcore floors can now be completed from ground level. This has reduced working at height, repetitive strain risks, exposure to dust and alkaline drilling wash water, and other risks associated with the regular assembly and moving of access equipment.

Longley Concrete - Improved Wire Dispenser Eyelet Design

Reduced exposure to the risks associated with the maintenance and operation of traditional designs of eyelets on ‘Lobster Pot’ wire storage arose from improvements to the existing designs. These now incorporate a pivot action eyelet which has improved wearing of the eyelet and reduced wire snagging and maintenance operations. 

Stanton Bonna Concrete - New Gully Lifter Design To Reduce Risk

Working with their supply chain, Stanton Bonna have designed a Gully lifter that makes lifting, handling and installation of a range of gully units much safer, including the ability to lift from a laid-down position. It was also observed to be quicker and easier than traditional methods.

Stanton Bonna Concrete - Reducing Installation Risks with New Pipe Pusher

After reading of a contractor fatality using traditional installation methods, Stanton Bonna designed a new system that no longer required the presence of installers in the trench. Their new design of Pipe Pusher is attached directly to an excavator via a quick coupling and improves safety and efficiency.

With thanks to Forterra Building Products for sponsoring this award.

The winner of our Outstanding Contribution to Health and Safety Award will be announced on June 29th.