Project Award - 2017 Shortlist!

The below entries have been shortlisted in our Best Practice Project Award! The winner will be announced at our Annual Dinner on 29th June.

Sterling Services - Hanover Square, London

Contrasting elevations were delivered by Sterling Services to suit planning and architectural requirements. The Oxford Street elevation, has a highly decorative handmade tile exterior cast onto precast panels. The scale of the tiles raised potential issues of relative movement which were addressed through testing and fixing design. The Hanover Square elevation comprises panels with handmade charcoal bricks from Denmark, which were fixed between timber beading rails, together with Portland stone borders and a CNC cut natural stone frieze at first and sixth floors.

Techrete - John Lewis, Victoria Gate, Leeds

For the flagship John Lewis store in Leeds, the diagrid pattern was deconstructed by Techrete engineers to panelise a façade to enable production. Innumerable intricate details regarding the geometry, the engineering and the manufacturing were combined in 3D BIM, from which over 600 drawings were generated. Many challenges were successfully overcome: accuracy of facetted corners, contrasting finishes within single units, installation of unusually shaped units of up to 14 tonnes in weight and the requirement for unique permanent fixing methods.

CPM Group - Erith Park Development, Kent

The UK’s largest circular precast weir wall chamber was supplied by the CPM group as part of a £60m programme of drainage and enabling works. The design requirements of almost 5m head of water and 174 litres per second necessitated the 3.7m diameter chamber. Concrete was the only option given the pressures on the hydro-brake inside the chamber. Precast gave offsite advantages highlighted by O’Keefe Construction’s Project Manager. He commended the CPM team for the quality of manufacture and addressing complexities arising from the depth of excavation and the proximity of neighbours. 

Thorp - Victoria Gate Arcade, Leeds

The 6000m2 distinctive brick façade comprising 550 panels were supplied and installed by Thorp together with recon stone column supports. The architecture is a modern reference to Leeds rich Victorian legacy of corbelled and highly decorative brickwork, and was best delivered with modern precast due to speed, quality and not requiring scaffolding. Thorp solved the problem of sourcing bricks with guaranteed quality of multiple faces, and developed a special positive key for casting. Traditional mould making methods were replaced with computer generated hot wire cutting of polystyrene to address the lack of repetition in units.

Cornish Concrete Products - BP Sunbury

A feature staircase for a prestigious four storey office building was designed, supplied and installed by Cornish Concrete Products. The staircase was conceived as an insitu concrete solution but for finish and quality, precast became the choice. The mix was white Portland cement with white dolomite coarse and fine aggregates. Acid etching brought up the sparkle from the mica content. All the precast elements are cantilevering from the curved central spine beam. The design process utilised both Solidworks and AutoCad as independent 3D checks on a complex structural, manufacturing and installation challenge.

Sterling Services - Watermark Westquay, Southampton

Watermark Westquay forms a new entertainment complex and urban precinct. To reflect the location the architecture echoes a traditional ships hull. Sterling Services were contracted to design, manufacture and install the highly complex external precast concrete staircases and cladding that delivers the saw tooth aesthetic.

The range of elements led to a spectrum of mould manufacturing methods being adopted, but all were cast in Sterlings Portland concrete and etched by hand to ensure quality and consistency. In specific locations, bespoke rigs were used to ensure safe installation without damaging the units.