Incident Alerts

British Precast issue Incident and Safety Alerts regularly. These member briefings are aimed to help the industry learn, understand and ultimately prevent harm from occuring.

No 5: Lifting Operations - 15 Oct 2015

A Briefing on lifting operations has been issued. This Briefing arises due to a lifting chain for a pack grab lifter snapping at a plant. Preventative action and key learning points are noted.

No 4: Failure of Lifting Equipment - 24 Mar 2015

A Briefing providing a safety alert on failure of lifting equipment has been issued.  This Briefing has arisen due to a steel rope failing whilst an operative had placed their upper body beneath a partially suspended load, resulting in a broken jaw.  It looks at causes and corrective and preventative measures.

No 3: Lifting Operation - 10 Mar 2015

A members' Briefing has been issued, available to download here. This Briefing arises due to a lifting operation which resulted in an injury and offers background and learning points.

No 2: Precast Falsework - 10 Sep 2014

A Briefing ‘Safe Systems of Work for Precast Falsework’ has been issued due to a collapse of a stair mould that could have caused a fatality. HSE investigated and prosecuted the company. HSE identified the immediate cause of collapse as the failure of the propping arrangement – it was not suitable and sufficient for its purpose. This Briefing provides outline guidance to ensure a safe system of work is carried out.

No 1: Precast Concrete Stairs - 02 May 2014

Best practice guidance on safe factory finishing of precast concrete stairs is available to download here.

British Precast has developed this guidance in consultation with the Precast Flooring Federation and the Architectural and Structural Precast Association; the wider membership of British Precast; non-members of British Precast and the Health and Safety Executive.

Health & Safety News

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