Is Concrete Britain’s Greatest Invention?

15 Jun 2017

Tune in to BBC 2 at 8:30pm tonight, to watch seven celebrities battle it out to reveal Britain’s Greatest Invention. TV presenter Nick Knowles will be championing concrete as the ‘unsung hero’ of seven inventions. Concrete, the most used man-made substance on earth, has given us sewage systems, modern hospitals, stadiums and skyscrapers. Now, 70% of the global population live in homes made with concrete and without it, the world would be stuck in the 18th century!
During the programme, viewers have the chance to vote online for the best invention, with concrete competing with six other seminar inventions including antibiotics, the fridge, the jet engine, the mobile phone, steam engine and television.
To vote for concrete, viewers can visit the BBC2 website during the programme.